Hit Jumper is the superior playlist service that teams up artists and labels with the top curators from Spotify Playlists and International Radio Stations.

Promotion Packages

All submissions are pre-approved for quality to assure the greatest success. Please send us a Spotify link to your song and we will have our A&R team get back to you as soon as possible. We only allow one song submission per day per artist at our curator’s request. If your song is not approved please do not take it personally. We have a high volume of submissions and we cannot accept everyone.

Option 1


2 week Premium Spotify Playlist Pitching

Option 2


6 week Premium Spotify Playlist Pitching

Option 3


2 week international radio station pitching

Option 4


4 week international radio station pitching


Ed Skizm

Ed Skizm has currently released six singles with Hit Jumper and has garnished about 150,000 streams. His last single ” On The Line” ft. Donovan Caleb and Kid Kaze has done over 57,000 streams on Spotify and landed itself on over 30 independent playlists.

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Kid Kaze approached Hit Jumper to do a campaign for his self titled EP Kid Kaze which featured 6 tracks. The EP has over 120,000 plays and his single “Melrose” received over 50,000 plays by itself.

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We value the time of our curator partners so we can only promote songs that have been pre-approved. Results are guaranteed.

Please send us a link to the song you’re interested in promoting on this form and our A&R team will get back with you as soon as possible. We are receiving a large number of submissions so please be patient. We only allow one submission per artist per day.

If your song is not chosen, please don’t take it as criticism. Sometimes we are not able to approve a song because it does not fit with any of the playlist’s in our database.