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  • Spotify pays more than double what Youtube does for streams so success on Spotify means success for your bank account too!
  • Major labels make the majority of their money now from streaming services so they are always seeking new artists who are gaining popularity on Spotify.  Popularity on Spotify = interest from big labels.
  • Music supervisors seeking film and TV sync’s now utilize Spotify playlists to find new music to license.  Sometimes being in the right playlist will get you an opportunity to have your music licensed.
  • Although we can’t guarantee placement, we do our best to accept only music we feel will do well with our playlist curators.  If for some reason your music is not accepted, we will provide a complete refund.  In most cases, if we don’t get support within the package time frame, we’ll continue to submit until we reach the desired results.
  • After you’ve made your payment, we start submitting your track to curators the following day.  It can take up to a week to start to gain acceptance.  Sometimes longer. This is real promotions and it involves waiting on curators to update so it’s important to be patient. When your song gets approved, someone on our team will send you a link to the playlist. When you’ve been accepted by a playlist, it’s a good idea to reach out to the curator on Facebook. As you gain more playlister contacts of your own, you can use them to pitch your next releases.
  • Paying for playlist placement violates the terms of Spotify and we do not condone this type of activity.  However we know music curator’s can be very busy and we respect their time.  For this we do offer them a donation for considering your music regardless of their decision.
  • We’ve spent the last couple years researching contacts for independent playlisters and with over 5 billion playlist’s, we are gaining new contacts every day.  We focus on playlist’s with a minimum of 5,000 fans, however it can also be beneficial to get support from a mix of smaller playlists too so we don’t leave them out.
  • Anyone can now submit to them via a tool inside your personal Artist Insights page.  However an article on Buzzfeed states that these in-house curated playlists also use data from a software called PUMA (playlist usage monitoring analysis) when making decisions about which independent artists to support.  They are more likely to support music that is being engaged with by users and shared often by playlists.
  • The curators typically keep a song for a minimum of one month or longer but there are exceptions.  Some playlists switch out songs every 2 weeks that aren’t doing well with their playlist followers.  If your song is removed from a playlist before 2 weeks, let us know and we will find a replacement playlist for you at no extra fee.
  • You can only submit one track one time.  We encourage you to continue to submit new original songs or remixes as often as you like.
  • You can download the Yo Radio app on the app store or android/google marketplace and/or listen on yoradio.com
  • We have an exclusive deal with Yo Radio and all submissions will be routed back to us.
  • Yo Radio is the first and only international radio app available everywhere in the world and curated by musicians, athletes, tv/movie personalities, and top industry leaders. Yo Radio has 5 million + listeners and continues to rapidly grow.